5 Pros and Cons for Installing Vinyl Flooring in Bathroom

Vinyl flooring is a type of synthetic flooring that provides great benefits and it is extremely adaptable. It looks nearly the same as linoleum flooring, and it is considered to be one of the most popular choices in wet areas such as bathrooms and cooking areas. It is made up of polyvinyl chloride(PVC) along with a mixture of a few other compounds, to provide the appropriate desired hardness while remaining flexible.

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A urethane-based coating forms the top layer of the vinyl. Improvements have been made over the years which resulted in a wide range of economic, appealing, and budget-friendly options. An improved version of luxury vinyl flooring planks and luxury vinyl tiles are now available. They come under the term called luxury vinyl tiles(LVT). It has many differences which include dry black(waterproof and thermal stability). Most of the time your kids spend a lot of time playing or riding a car which causes damage to the floors so installing playroom flooring in your child's bedroom will help from scratching, be stain-free and overall it will give a vibrant look.

What Are The Benefits Of Installing Vinyl Flooring In The Bathroom?

When you are looking for any flooring materials for your bathroom you always think that tiles are a good option, but now we have a better option than tile which is vinyl floors. Vinyl is not only attractive but it is also low in budget. Vinyl plank flooring is a well-liked flooring option among homeowners due to its great value. It comes in a wide range of styles, designs, and colors that can match any bathroom decor. Vinyl is also stain and water-resistant, quite adaptable, and offers great longevity. If you have a smaller bathroom then opt for dark vinyl flooring as dark flooring can benefit smaller spaces, helping them to feel larger. Even though many people pay special attention to bedroom and living room flooring, they tend to forget a very important thing which is the bathroom.

Bathrooms have certain specific needs when it comes to floorings. Not every floor goes well with the bathroom due to its regular liability to water and dampness. Hardwood floorings are not suitable, as it does not have any water resistance. Waterproof bathroom flooring is all around a great floor that comes with water and slip resistance features at an affordable price. Despite all these, vinyl plank floorings have their benefits. If you are confused about choosing your vinyl flooring and you don't know the pros and cons of vinyl flooring here are some points for you to look up.

Pros Of Vinyl Flooring For Bathroom

1. Affordable:

Vinyl plank flooring is quite inexpensive when compared to other bathroom flooring options such as ceramic, tile, stone, and marble. Vinyl plank flooring is even much cheaper than luxury vinyl tile, but both have a similar look in common. Installing ceramic tiles or we can luxury vinyl tile is labour-intensive and requires a lot of time whereas vinyl plank you can use (DIY). Vinyl plank floor can easily be installed on top of your hard surface you don't need to pull the surface that already exists.

2. Easy To Maintain:

Cleaning a floor is quite a challenging task to do but vinyl flooring makes it easier for you to clean. As the vinyl floor is water and stain-resistant it is always a good idea to install it in a bathroom because they're fully waterproof. If you are thinking of not changing your bathroom floors for a longer period then vinyl flooring is the best option. Just to avoid scratches and scrapes add a more protective layer.

3. Water And Stain Resistant:

Vinyl plank flooring gives an amazing water-resistant capacity. Vinyl is fully waterproof which makes it easier for your bathroom.

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You can take a shower easily without worrying about damaging the floor with water. As it also stains resistance you don't have to worry much about scrubbing patchy stains.

4. Resilient And Comfortable Underfoot:

Compared to other flooring materials vinyl flooring is quite comfortable, soft, and warm on your feet. It is a very important flooring option for your bathroom because most of the time your bathroom floor is cold and wet due to water and moisture. Hence installing vinyl flooring is a better option because it is a good insulator and more comfortable to stand for a longer period.

5. Beautiful Appearance:

Vinyl comes with a variety of nearly realistic wood and stone-like textures. The look and texture are extremely beautiful. Vinyl improved its color, texture, and patterns. The appearance of vinyl has almost the same texture as wood and ceramic.

Cons Of Vinyl Flooring For Bathroom:

1. Difficult To Remove:

The major concern with the vinyl floor is that it is quite difficult to remove. If you are deciding to glue your vinyl then your labor will have a very hard time removing it. This is quite immense especially when you are installing your vinyl for temporary use.

2. Easy To Puncture:

Although vinyl floors are quite long-lasting, it is quite soft, unlike other materials like tile, hardwood, and laminate. Such kinds of materials can be easily cut off by using a knife or if you slide a metal chair on the floor, it can also damage the vinyl. Furthermore, if you put any hard material on top of vinyl it shows signs of denting.

3. A Non-Durable Top Coat:

The vinyl floor comes with a topcoat that is not very long-lasting. It is not UV resistant and can start showing up signs of discoloration. If you are planning to put vinyl in a bathroom with a lot of sunlight coming in, you should then find a way to limit the amount of light, as this helps to damage your vinyl floors.

4. Non-Biodegradable:

Vinyl floors cannot be recycled hence it negatively affects the environment. And if it can't be recycled it produces toxic gases which will have a direct impact on human health.

5. No Effect On Your Home Value:

No doubt that vinyl flooring is quite cheap to install. It might help you save a lot of money, but it does not affect the value of your home when selling it. Hence if you are planning to sell your home, you might have to use other flooring materials like tile on your bathroom floors.

Vinyl plank flooring offers a cheap way to bring new life into your bathroom. It looks magnificent and extremely long-lasting. It comes in a wide array of varieties, patterns, and colors to fit your preferences.


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