Take a Fresh Look at Luxury Vinyl Floor

Vinyl floor tiles have improved lately, with cutting-edge designs making vinyl not just a practical and affordable solution, but also one that can be used to create a breathtaking interior design. Both in the home and in public and commercial settings, vinyl flooring can make a real statement. With so many designs to choose from and the added convenience to create your unique flooring, it is indeed time for every homeowner to take a fresh look at various luxury vinyl tiles.

Vinyl Flooring Tiles In Variety of Designs

Vinyl floor tiles are available in a substantial variety of designs, from block colours in a full range of tones to wooden, polka dots, and stone effects to mosaic patterns. That means you should be able to get precisely the look you are going for in a blink of eyes. Besides, there is the possibility to create your design. A great example of this is the chequerboard effect. A classic design that always seen in black and white which is not only suitable for entrance halls, kitchens but also ideal for bathrooms. But why stick to black and white only? This effect also looks groovy in other colour combinations. Vinyl floor tiles are ideal for this, with a massive choice of colours available in the market.

Vinyl Flooring Tiles In A Bit Bolder

For something a bit bolder, why not try a combination of four different patterned tiles in a similar colour scheme laid together in a duplicating pattern. As an example four different navy and white patterns together, suitable for an otherwise white bathroom. Or you could try stripes or configurations made out of several colours.

Vinyl Flooring Tiles Great for Creating Zones

Using tiles also provides you with the opportunity to create zones. Especially great for public areas where open planned spaces can be zoned off into areas with floor tile variations, for example, a quiet reading corner in a school could be tiled in muted colours, zoning it off from a more exciting and colourful teaching area.

Vinyl Flooring Tiles Ideal for Kids

Vinyl tiles are fantastic for floors in areas used by kids in the home such as kitchens and playrooms, and undoubtedly perfect for settings such as nurseries and schools. Dazzling and inspiring patterns and zones can be made, while simultaneously the floor will be convenient to clean, affordable, slip resistant and durable.

In a nutshell, vinyl floor tiles have evolved without a doubt! They are now a practical and cost-effective substitute for wood, stone or ceramic flooring choices, with the additional benefits or being soft and warm underfoot and comfortable to maintain. With new vinyl tiles coming continuously day by day, the design opportunities are infinite so it is time for you to take a fresh look at luxury vinyl floor.

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