Which vinyl flooring is best for the kitchen?

Vinyl flooring is becoming common in today’s world. You will find vinyl in contemporary and modern kitchens due to its versatility, and cost-effectiveness. Unlike other outdated floors, vinyl offers homeowners with a more resilient, durable and warm kitchen flooring option. Vinyl requires low maintenance making it ideal for commercial and residential kitchens. Besides that, Vinyl has a high resistance to stains, moisture and wear & tears making it perfect for enhancing your kitchen’s curb appeal. Vinyl flooring can be found in numerous patterns, sizes, colors, and designs. This kind of flooring is also easy to clean. All these unique features make it great for decorating your kitchen. In fact; it is possible to find vinyl textures that mimic other flooring options such as wood, leather, sandstone, limestone, ceramic tile, and slate among others.

The best vinyl flooring for kitchen use are;

Luxury Vinyl tile/planks

Luxury vinyl tile is reasonably affordable, versatile and appealing. It is ideal for those looking to brighten their kitchens with cost effective yet quality vinyl flooring. LVT can either be in form of tiles or planks. Installing high-quality luxury vinyl planks/tiles will make your kitchen more stylish, plush and beautiful. They durability, clean ability and low maintenance make them perfect for modern kitchens. Luxury vinyl flooring will add some ounce of excitement to your kitchen giving it an elegant, bold, stylish and gorgeous feel and appearance. LVT makes it possible for people to remodel their contemporary kitchens without breaking a bank. There is no doubt that this type of vinyl flooring is a wise choice for those running on a tight budget.

Sheet Vinyl floor

Although Vinyl flooring was customarily reserved for laundry rooms, entryways, basements, bathrooms and living rooms, sheet vinyl floors are ideal for kitchen use. This kind of flooring is ideal for both commercial/residential urban and contemporary kitchens. Unlike Luxury Vinyl tiles, sheet vinyl floors are prone to wear and tear particularly when sharp or heavy objects are dragged over them. Nevertheless, they produce incredibly beautiful, versatile and authentic kitchen flooring. Sheet vinyl floors have a reputation for their cost effectiveness, comfort, depth, warmth, cushiness, and softness. Resilient flooring is gaining fast popularity due to their clean ability, stain/water resistance, water resistance and elasticity. The good thing about installing sheet vinyl flooring in your kitchen is that they are tremendous in easing muscle fatigue, reducing joints pain and promote less breakage of things.

Whether you opt for luxury vinyl tiles/planks or sheet vinyl floor, it is imperative to keep your kitchens vinyl flooring dry at all times for safety purpose.

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