Product Warranties

Carpet Wear Warranties

Vinyl Flooring UK warrants that with the proper care and maintenance, the pile of your carpet during the specified product wear warranty time period (specified on the product page) will not wear by more than 10% by weight from normal foot traffic. This warranty covers only abrasive wear resulting in the loss of fibre.

Wear is defined as:

Abrasive fibre loss and not changes in appearance.

This warranty does not cover general deterioration due to wear and tear (such as shading or crushed fibres) or damage from: tearspulls, cuts, pilling, shedding, matting, crushing, burns, pets, improper cleaning, incorrect usage and installation or defective construction.

Carpet Stain Warranties

We offer a range of stain warranties up to 10 years long - this means we guarantee that our carpets will resist stains by food and drinks when recommended carpet care and cleaning procedures are used during the specified timeframe.

Vinyl Wear Warranties

Within the wear warranty period, Vinyl Flooring guarantees against any manufaturing defect that may adversely affect the life of the product. The vinyl must be protected against the risk of piercing caused by furniture or objects with pointed legs, feet or sharp edges including pointed heals. The use of plastic or felt protection devices is recommended. The wear warranty does not cover any stain damage due to the application of chemicals or the use of cleaning methods that are not recommended or where there is evidence of heavy soiling, abuse or neglect. The vinyl wear warranty excludes: damage due to abnormal use, damage due to inappropriate place of you (i.e domestic vinylscant be used for commercials or industrial purposes), damage due to the use of the floor in an outside/external location, the absence of standard protection methods for the floor covering (eg. doormats, sealed access doors etc.) where necessary, damage resulting from poor fitting or poor preparation of the underlying surface or damage caused by sharp or slicing material.

General Warranty Information

To ensure that your warranty remains valid, it is important that:

  • - Any spillages receive immediate attention using clean water and a recommended cleaner
  • - Regular care and routine maintenance is carried out using good quality products and machinery
  • - Hot water extraction either alone or in combination with cleaning by a professional carpet cleaning is carried out every 24 months
  • - You keep receipts of proof for the purchase of any professional carpet cleaning
  • - Your flooring is fitted in a suitable area and on a solid floor (adhering to British Standards 5325)

Warranties are only applicable for the original purchaser, and a receipt of purchase must be provided. Any damage, made intentionally, occuring during the fitting or which has occured due to negligence, malice, removal fire, water damage and similar events will void the warranty. Similarly, spots which have appeared following the use of an unsuitable chemical product or improper cleaning method, are not covered by the warranty. If your flooring must be replaced, we will deliver, to the exclusion of other demands, and equivalent flooring chosen from Vinyl Flooring UK range for the defective surfaces. Other costs incurred during the replacement of the new flooring will not be covered.

Please note: Over time, traffic and general soiling of your flooring will cause a change in appearance and therefore will not be covered by the warranty.

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